You Don’t Need a “Cheat” Day

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Yes, you don’t need a cheat day diet

cheat day diet

I constantly strive to bust the misconceptions in modern fad diets that are overly restrictive and promote a more flexible approach. So how in the world is saying you don’t need a cheat day an example of non-restrictive and flexible approach to dieting?

Let me first mention what a cheat day is in most modern diets.

Many modern dieting fads are extremely restrictive. They are ridiculously paranoid of the type of food you eat and meal timing, instead of how much food you are eating. While there are some reasons to be considered with the types of food you eat and meal timing, in terms of fat loss all that matters is that you are eating less calories than your body burns off. This is the foundation of any successful dieting approach, a foundation that modern diets neglect.

cheat day diet

Because they neglect to focus on the amount of food and rather the type of food you eat, these modern diets have created many misconceptions and restrictions. No one in their right mind can go day in and day out with their favorite foods which are often labeled as forbidden. So how do these diets compensate for these severe restrictions? They usually advocated for a cheat day diet, usually a cheat day once each week.

While normalizing a cheat day has become so common, here’s the main reasons why a cheat day can stall your fat loss efforts.

Negating Your Hard Work

Because many modern diets are so restrictive, many people will start to crave their favorite foods and develop a low sense of enjoyment in their dieting efforts. So when these diets advocate a cheat day, people think of a cheat day to go all out eating the foods they are craving. Imagine a dog being locked in a cage for 6 days, then on one day it can be let out. Surely, it is going run around with much energy. The same holds true for cheat days. People feel as if they are totally removed from their diet and indulge in eating all the food that is usually restrictive. Because their diet doesn’t focus on the amount of food you are to eat, many people start devouring all sorts of different types of food.

As I mentioned previously, fat loss happens by consuming less calories than you burn off. However, we shouldn’t think of this as a daily model, but instead a weekly model. If you go way over your calories on your cheat day, you could be going so high over your calories that you negate all the hard work you put in the rest of the week.

So what’s the solution…

cheat day diet

Final Verdict: Say Goodbye to a Cheat Day Diet!

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