Ultimate Powerlifting Meet Guide

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Ultimate Powerlifting Meet Guide

BBB Ultimate Powerlifting Meet Guide

1)    Why Powerlifting? Read this short book

In short, powerlifting is a great sport to achieve desired body composition while have the fuel of a competitive sport. The results you see in strength training come much quicker than body composition, increasing your motivation to train.

2)   Find a Weight Class: https://www.strengtheory.com/which-weight-class-is-best-for-you/

In short, you want to be in a weight class where you are most lean and efficient, but you have room to grow and develop. If you have a quick turnaround until first meet, don’t worry about dropping weight class. In my experience, however, a meet is great motivation for losing weight.

3)  Find Your Calories to Reach Target Weight Class: Calorie Calculator

4)  Track Your Calories:

Track the calories you calculated with one of these apps. This will ensure you reach desired weight class.


MyFitnessPal (iOS) or Android: MFP is perhaps the most popular app used to keep track of food eaten, calories, macros, and calories burned.

MapMyFitnessIOS or Android: MMF is a more robust fitness tracker than what MFP offers on its own. It links up with MFP and send your calorie burn data to your daily diary.

MyMacros+: This app is also pretty popular and although it is designed for people who are more into body building, it can be used for general food and macro tracking as well.

5)   Find a Diet Approach: https://gum.co/smdbook

In this book, I outline the most popular diet approaches and the pros and cons of them.

6)   Find a Meet: http://www.powerliftingwatch.com/node/4421

A normal powerlifting meet is called “Full-Power”

You want to compete in the “Raw Division”

7)   Determine Goal for Attempts: 

  • First Attempt: 87 – 93% of 1 Rep Max
  • Second Attempt: 0 – 10 pound PR
  • Third Attempt: Gauge your attempts and go for another PR

8)   Know the Rules

9)   Know what to Have for a Meet

  • Singlet – required in most federations
  • Lifting Belt – a must for squat and deadlift
  • Knee Sleeves – gives knees comfort during squatting and can help squeeze squat heavier weights
  • Knee Wraps (optional) – Tighter than knee sleeves and can help lift even more weight, NOT ALLOWED BY ALL FEDERATIONS
  • Chalk – for grip strength
  • Ammonia (optional) – gives extra kick to help lift heavier weight
  • Baby Powder – put on quads for deadlift, helps bar to slide up skin
  • Flat-Sole Shoes – example Converse, great for deadlifts and bench, as well as squatting if you don’t have squatting shoes
  • Squatting Shoes – raised heel helps for depth
  • Wrist Wraps – extra support to wrists for benching and squatting, CHECK RULES OF FEDERATIONS, most federations require the thumb loop to be removed
  • Energy Drinks and Preworkout (optional) – for all of my meets I cut out caffeine two weeks prior to meet and then load up on energy drinks before squat and bench, and then I take preworkout before my deadlifts
  • Drinks to Hydrate: Propel, Gatorade, Coconut Water, etc.
  • Foam Roller (highly recommended): You want to be stretched out and ready to go during your meet, this will come in handy
  • Food: Some people can handle eating a lot during meet and prefer full stomach, for most people you want to have enough food for energy but not enormously bloated, I recommend bringing handheld foods like PB&J, lunchmeat sandwiches, fruit, protein bars, etc. It might also be good to have meats like chicken pre-cooked to eat between lifts or protein shakes
  • Cash – meets usually sell cool stuff

All Gear Can Be Found Here: http://www.liftinglarge.com/?AffId=77

Read Our Gear Checklist Here

10)  Determine Workouts Leading Up to Meet

  • First Meet and Meet is in..
    • 8 weeks, run weeks 1 – 5 of this program, then run week 4 again but use the numbers that you will be attempting at meet, this will compose 6 full weeks of training. On the 7th week, run week 1’s Monday, Tuesday, and Friday sessions on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday at 10-15% lighter and one less set for squat and bench. Take last week leading up to meet completely off
    • > 8 Weeks, run our program  until 8 weeks out, then run above program as specified
  • Already Experienced and Meet is in..
    • 8 weeks, run our 4 phase program, do phase 1 for two weeks, phase 2 for one week, phase 3 for two weeks, phase 4 but hit lift attempts during this week for singles, phase 4 again but only Monday,Tuesday, and Friday Session on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 10-20% lighter weight. This will compose 7 weeks of training, rest last week
    • > 8 Weeks, run this program  until 8 weeks out, then run above program as specified

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