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EP 11 – Your First Powerlifting Meet with POWER PASTOR

October 12, 2015 by in category Podcast tagged as , , , , , ,

This episode we interviewed Everett Henes. Everett Henes is a husband, father of five, OPC pastor in Hillsdale Michigan. Started running in seminary…led to triathlons until I was 37 when I switched over to powerlifting. Competed USAPL and prepping for my fourth meet with a goal of qualifying for 2016 raw nationals. This episode on […]

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Should You Take a Deload Week?

September 12, 2015 by in category Blog tagged as , ,

Deloads will never hurt your gains. So for those who are unware, let me clarify what a deload is. There are different degrees of a deload, however… it is a break from your normal volume of training. This can range from doing 80% of your usual volume to taking an entire week or two off […]

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Simultaneously Lose Fat & Gain Muscle?

September 11, 2015 by in category Blog tagged as , , ,

Can you lose fat and gain muscle at the same time? In almost all cases, no, unfortuantely. One of the biggest misconceptions out there today is that you can gain muscle and lose fat at the same time. We live in a culture where we want everything instantly and lack the patience to see results. […]

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Strength Athletes and Cardio

August 27, 2015 by in category Blog tagged as , , , ,

The big joke in powerlifting is that anything over 5 reps is cardio. However, why is it that high reps are so difficult for strength athletes? The reason is that the amount of energy you are using is directly related to the amount of weight you are lifting. Meaning if two people did 8 reps […]

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