EP 11 – Your First Powerlifting Meet with POWER PASTOR

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This episode we interviewed Everett Henes. Everett Henes is a husband, father of five, OPC pastor in Hillsdale Michigan. Started running in seminary…led to triathlons until I was 37 when I switched over to powerlifting. Competed USAPL and prepping for my fourth meet with a goal of qualifying for 2016 raw nationals.

This episode on powerlifting breaks down into these points:

  1. Nutrition – How to diet up to the meet, night before, and morning of the meet
  2. Equipment – what do you need and how important
  3. Sleep – 2 weeks out, 1 week out, 1 night out, things to consider
  4. Programming – how do you tweak your program as you get closer to the meet
    1. I’ve heard that these meets can involve hours between the 3 attempts and hours between the 3 lifts, where you start at 6 AM and end at 5 PM, how do you prepare for that?
  5. Supplementation – how important is watching your supplementation up to a meet
  6. Mental Game – how to make the mental game work for you and not against you
    1. Positive thinking
    2. Proper programming when training – deload or lighter weeks if necessary?
    3. Sleep
    4. Finding the right coach who knows how to push you to excel
  7. What Mike and Everett did WRONG that they wish they could have done differently for their first powerlifting meets

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