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We are joined by Ethan McElroy, Raleigh area coach for powerlifting and general fitness. Ethan’s specialty is strength training for general population and coaching others in strength and power sports. He has competed and coached in powerlifting and football. Ethan has also participated in one strongman, 2 highland games and threw shotput and discus for 7 years. Ethan will be competing in a meet coming up in November as well as a strongman event in spring and the State one in May.

Ethan’s coaching site can be found here, and he is on Instragram here.


How did you get into Powerlifting? What got you into strength sports? Where did your lifting journey start? I got into powerlifting in my final year of college. I had spent the previous year focusing on losing weight and been lifting weights for a year following basic linear progression and bodybuilding.com workouts. I was getting tired of not lifting for strength and wanted something to fill my competitive itch. A friend and fellow personal trainer suggested I check out Port City Sports Performance where he was interning. I went there and met with one of the owners who is a powerlifter, got started training there and was hooked!


Talk about experience in powerlifting: I have been training for powerlifting since March 2015 and competing since November 2015. I have loved every minute of it. I think it is a great sport as it lets me do what I love most interact and help people and move heavy objects.


How many meets have you done? I have competed in 4 meets with my 5th one coming up in November.  I have coached in 4 meets.

Different meets and stories there: At my first meet the whole crowd cheered as I tried to pull 478 on my third attempt. I missed it but it was an awesome feeling. It was really cool competing at Nationals last year. I saw a lot of great lifts. I saw Ray Williams sitting in the warm up room a couple hours before he squated 1000lbs.


Different programs and experience writing/following programs: I have used conjugate, wendlers 5/3/1, starting strength, linear progression, big Texas method, Travis mash, smolov jr and more for myself and my athletes.


Fitness culture – good, bad, ugly: I like that more people are starting to weight lift now and I feel slowly people are starting to realize there aren’t instant fixes.


Any strongman stories you have? What meets have you competed in strongman? I have competed in NC Strongest Man and Woman in May 2017. I was a lot of fun definitely harder than a powerlifting meet. A lot more to worry about and learn. I plan on doing NC Strongest Man and Woman 2018 and possibly another one in the Spring of 2018. I have also competed in 2 highland games and hope to compete again just not sure when.


Biggest strength numbers: Competition- Squat 385 Bench 291.5 Deadlift 511.5,Gym Squat 390 Bench 300/315 Deadlift 515   Frame Deadlift 600, Atlas Stones 200, 225,255.


Any injuries that you had to deal with? Elbow tendonitis, knee pain, iliolumbar sprain, sprained toe, constant tightness in right trap and shoulder blade from throwing and sleeping position.


What do you take on a regular basis to supplement your training? How many calories do you eat off and on season? How can you afford to eat that much? Multi vitamin, vitamin d, magnesium, fish oil, bcaas. While cutting my calories have been 2,500 to 2,100 and on my current reverse they are 2,800. A nice caring wife who tries to understand why the fridge is empty two days after grocery shopping.


Favorite training music? Metal, viking metal, alternative rock

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