EP 81 – From Moody to Good – Leah’s Story

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Kidney Donor and Gastric Bypass surgery – how do both of these things affect your life and wellness?


We have a guest from the group who we are very excited to interview!


Leah Good goes into detail on why she got Gastric Bypass surgery and donated a kidney. She also runs half marathons and is training for a mini triathlon. Some of the questions we discussed included:


  • Gastric bypass – are you unable to eat a full meal?
  • Body image – how did other people help/hinder? 
  • What were the circumstances around you donating a kidney?
  • How has being without one of your kidneys affected your life? How has it affected your training?
  • How do you train for a half-marathon? What is your best time? What is your goal time for any upcoming race? How many do you run a year? Why do you enjoy half-marathons?
  • Mini-triathlon – how does that differ from a half-marathon? How is the training different? Which do you enjoy more? What is your best time for the mini-triathlon? What is mini about the mini-triathlon?

Check out this episode!

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