EP 77 – Clinical Athlete with Dr. Henoch

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This bio can be found along with Dr. Henoch’s articles and videos here. Quinn Henoch has a Doctorate of Physical Therapy from the University of Indianapolis and is head of sports rehabilitation for JuggernautHQ in Orange County, CA. He is also the founder of ClinicalAthlete, which is a network of health care professionals who understand the performance-based needs of athletes. Quinn played football at the Div 1-AA level at Valparaiso University as a defensive back. Since 2011, he has trained exclusively for the sport of weightlifting, having competed in the 2014 American Open and posting qualifying totals for the National Championships, as a 77kg lifter. He has also competed in track and field, Crossfit, and powerlifting.


Questions that were discussed in the episode were:

  • Clinical athlete, why did this need to be started?
  • How did you find people to join your network?
  • What test/accreditation do they need to pass to become part of the network?
  • How can I spread the word to my local doc/chiro/therapist to get on the network?
  • Why are medical professionals so averse/ignorant when it comes to basic body mechanics and the squat/bench/deadlift?
  • What bugs you the most when it comes to basic PT services?
  • If it were a perfect world, what would be some changes you would like to make to how we currently diagnose/treat/serve our strength athletes post injury? 
  • What are the common Powerlifting injuries and what are some prehab movements to do for them?
  • Do you recommend a particular stretching/mobility routine for total body mobility?
  • Quadriceps Tendinitis – how do you treat this and work through the pain?

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