EP 72 – Half-Marathon and Taxes

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Toney ran a half marathon in 2 hours and 22 minutes and we got to talk about how CF training actually helped him have such a terrific time in the race. He provided a few tips on his process on preparing for the race, his process for running the race using tech and different strategies to get a great time, and his recovery after the race.


Also tax season is here and we have had a few questions on what to spend the tax return on. We dive into that as well as give a few words on possibly considering changing your W-4 to minimize how much the government is taking out of your paycheck. You can find that calculator here

We chat about what gear you should own based on whether your a regular gym bro, a powerlifter, olympic lifter, or crossfitter. We also talked a bit on what gear you should avoid, what supplements you should buy, and much more!

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