EP 67 – Bear Stout w Marco De Leon

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Bear Stout the company –

  • We’re a new apparel company with premium shirts and products; we also host workshops for OLY and Strongman training.

    ? Beer: not yet 🙂

    ? Porters and stouts–maybe a whiskey ale if available.

    ? Currently, we print on Next Level shirts; printing is local.


  • Nothing against CrossFit if it’s done and coached properly. Many CrossFit or GPP gyms/programs favor the barbell; the barbell (1) exposes weaknesses and (2) tests the body–I’m huge on technique, mobility, and purpose; many lift and join a program without having any of that.

    ? Strongman is practical and functional; cheap too. You can assess and get someone in the “game” after only a few minutes, helping them be a part of the crowd.

    ? Strongman: Mariusz Pudzianowski

    ? OLY: Ursula Papandrea; technical and no BS.


  • Bumpers vs metal plates: either or; as long as the weight is correct.

    ? OLY: Eleiko Bars | Strongman: Log


  • What is the hardest thing to master in oly lifting? Mobility and Patience.


What drives Marco De Leon? Conviction and Community 🙂


What are your current strength goals? Life-time achievement goals?

? Clean and Jerk: 330
? Deadlift: 600
? Squat: 500
? Log Clean and Press: 300

Lifetime: Own a cigar shop and run oly/strongman clinics 🙂

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