EP 62 – The First Ask Me Anything!

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The old crowd is back together – Josh, Mike, Toney, Everett, and Amanda.


We had our first Ask Me Anything on our Facebook group and our first live spot from our first sponsor…so much firsts!


Here are the list of questions that we got to discuss:

Everett Henes Question for David: why did you start wearing shirts?

David M. Auge Question for Everett: what would be your epic pizza (style + ingredients+size+potential restaurant chain)

Josh From Tom Dugan If you could be a bear or dog, which would you choose?

Toney From Christa N Auge How do you keep motivated

Mike From Toney Sauls How many pairs of workout shoes do you have/use?

Amanda From Toney Sauls Knee sleeves -yea or nay

Josh From Toney Sauls Do you ever have opportunity to share the gospel at the gym

Everett From Toney Sauls What time of day do you workout?

Mike From Toney Sauls How do you balance gym and family when gym is life?

Dave From Matthew Henry Young Would you rather fight a single horse sized duck, or a hundred duck sized horses?

From Anthony Fontaine Everett Henes if you were made of cheese what body part could you eat if you were hungry?

From Anthony Fontaine Serious question Everett Henes given you recent bout with the injury bug would you ever consider less frequent lifting in order to avoid injury and aid in recovery?


From Dave Auge to Everett, Amanda, and Mike – Favorite powerlifter and why?


From Dave to Toney – Favorite Crossfitter/athlete in general and why?


Ricky for Mike – best beginner, intermediate, advanced program


Fav tunes to lift to?


What are some of your gainz goals for over the Christmas/New Years holidays?

Mike – Where do u look when u squat?

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