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Talayna is a physical therapist and CrossFit athlete. She was a college gymnast and heptathlete. Originally from Tennessee, she now lives in Naples, Florida. She was sponsored by Reebok, Kill Cliff, RSP Nutrition, and CrossOver Symmetry. She recently completed a clinical doctorate in physical therapy.


Some of the topics we discussed included:

  • How did you get started in sports?
  • Tell us about transitioning from gymnastics to the heptathlon.
  • When and how did you get involved with CrossFit?
  • What drew you to Crossfit?
  • What are some of the highlights competing in CrossFit?
  • What were/are your maxes?
  • Most of our group members (and probably listeners) are amateur athletes/lifters. What was is it like being a sponsored athlete? Do you have an agent? Did they approach you? What catches were there? Is it worth it?
  • How do you picture your future in sports/fitness?
  • Talk to us about CrossFit and safety and being a physical therapist. Some people are definitely biased against CrossFit, and it has a reputation of being an activity where people push themselves past healthy limits.
  • From a PT perspective, what advice do you have for weekend warriors or amateur lifters who do something like strain their back or experience some other injury?
  • It seems sometimes like medical professionals do whatever they can to keep injured athletes away from their sport. How can medical professionals do a better job of getting us back to full activity?
  • There seems to be controversy over various modes of injury rehab (ice vs heat)? Where do you stand on the ice vs heat controversy?
  • What about the difference of opinion regarding foam rolling? Where does the research seem to point in regards to foam rolling and its effectiveness (http://www.dieselcrew.com/are-foam-rollers-crap, http://articles.reactivetrainingsystems.com/2016/10/06/treat-the-issues-not-the-tissues/)
  • What modalities of PT are crap or have little to no research behind it?
  • Graston technique – useful or not for recovery? What about cupping? What essential oil is your fav?

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