EP 106 – Providence

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Today we are discussing the doctrine of providence.


What is Providence?


WLC 1:18  What are the works of providence? A. God’s works of providence are his most holy,(1) wise,(2) and powerful preserving(3) and governing(4) all his creatures; ordering them, and all their actions,(5) to his own glory.(6)

(1)Ps. 145:17
(2)Ps. 104:24; Isa. 28:29
(3)Heb. 1:3
(4)Ps. 103:19
(5)Matt. 10:29,31; Gen. 45:7
(6)Rom. 11:36; Isa. 63:14

Does anything happen in this world that is outside the providence of God?


Can we “read Providence”?


Biblical examples of Providence, good and bad:



  • Bad: Job’s friends; Disiples in John 9
  • Good: Joseph, Paul



What difference does understanding the doctrine of Providence make?

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