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Johnny Layne is the USPA VP for the RAW division and runs a crazy amount of powerlifting meets as a meet director on the east coast. We were honored to pick his brain about the future of powerlifting as well as how he got involved in the USPA and what the USPA is all about.

Some of the topics covered included:

  • USPA – what is it’s history and makes it special? Why is it better than the USAPL? What rivalry is there between the USPA and the USAPL?
  • What drew you to strength sports?
  • What drew you to the USPA?
  • What is the Layne Performance Center?
  • What are your best lifts?
  • What are your current strength goals? What is your future “perfect world” strength goal?
  • As a gym owner, what pet peeves do you have? What is the best thing about being a gym owner? What is the worst thing about being a gym owner?
  • What are some of the coolest things you’ve seen working all these powerlifting meets?
  • What would you tell to a new lifter who is looking to break records and be the next Ray Williams?


Questions from the group:

  • Why should I lift USPA instead of other lifting federations?
  • Ask him about West Virginia and our bench pressers!! (Which I am not a good one!)
  • Why is it a requirement for the lifter to take off the thumb strap when wearing wrist wraps?

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