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Austin Baraki Bio – Starting Strength Staff Coach is a resident physician in Internal Medicine at the UT Health Science Center at San Antonio, Texas. He received his doctorate in Medicine from Eastern Virginia Medical School in Norfolk, Virginia and his B.S. in Chemistry from The College of William & Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia. He became interested in strength training after completing a 15-year competitive swimming career through the Division 1 collegiate level, and is now a competitive powerlifter and strength coach for clients of all ages with Barbell Medicine. He now practices telemedicine through SteadyMD.

Some the topics covered included:

  • What got you into swimming?
  • What got you into strength training?
  • Are there any crossovers between your years as a swimmer and powerlifting?
  • Why Starting Strength and not some other thought center around powerlifting like JTS, Westside, RTS, or 5/3/1? Is it the certification process that appealed to you?
  • HRT and PL – will the USAPL ever allow athletes on HRT to compete and potentially be apart of the IPF? Do other countries have to be as strict in testing their competitors as the US (thinking of the Icarus movie)? – The link to the article Dr. Baraki mentions can be found here.
  • Separate question – I know you had a seminar talk regarding testosterone and strength training (perhaps not posted on youtube yet) – are there significant differences in strength being at a test level of 290 vs a test level of 900 ng/dL (both considered to be normal levels of testosterone in a non-obese adult).

Questions from the Facebook group:

  • What one thing should you look for before hiring a strength coach?
  • Who’s smarter him or Jordan Feiganbaum?
  • Where do you see the future of powerlifting being the next 10-30 years?
  • Besides “the bridge” what intermediate programs do he thinks are useful?

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