EP 100 – ASM recap w/James Deffinbaugh and Laura Anderson

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EPISODE 100! We are delighted to have James Deffinbaugh and Laura Anderson to give us a recap on how the ASM 105kg and Strongest Woman in the World events went. 

Day 1

Log Clean and Press for reps – 60 secs

WT Men 105k – 325

Fatback Farmers – 60 sec., Athlete will carry farmers walk implements 30 feet perform and 4 Deadlift reps with the farmers implements, then carry 30 more feet to finish line and perform 4 more Deadlift reps for time. Athlete will be given a down call on deadlift.

105k – 340


Keg Over Bar 60 secs

WT Men 105k – 320


Arm over Arm Pull



Axle Deadlift for reps

WT Men 105k – 675


For James tiebreaker – one-arm farmer’s handle hold for max time AT 300lbs


Questions for Laura – the log press and farmers (? she got 2nd on farmer’s) were the two that kept you from gold. How close were you to getting more points on both events (1 rep for log press, 1 second faster on farmers)?



Questions for James – how heavy was the arm over arm, how heavy do you usually train at the gym? Sean Demarinis tore his quad on the farmers. How big of an upset was that?

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